Amelie’s Havanese pup makes an entrance

Put a crack in the door

he’s in


you knew he was there

and where

does he begin?

Which way’s he facing?


He’s slid

past the stairs

on the shiny floor

but aft or fore?

On his feet

or belly up?

Is it a mop

or a pup?


Still sliding

he’s all tail



to a Cuban headful

of salsa

or rumba

Ahi va!

He’s Wilmer y Maria!


Such a thrashing

wee-wee splasher

squeaking like a bat!


to tell with such a

furry whirrer

which is this bit

and which that.


And when he

makes one of his entrances

– when he’s off on

one of his ecstacies –

the only hope of

getting his attention is


a little chunka cheese!